Our Mission

Loudoun County Contractors Mission

Product & Price

We understand that pricing and quality fall within a spectrum – from low to high. At Loudoun County Contractors, our commitment is to deliver top-tier quality at a fair and reasonable price.

Quality of Product

Our clientele values above-average quality. Making informed decisions about home improvements like decks and patios can be daunting. After five decades in this industry, we’ve identified manufacturers who consistently uphold quality and those who fall short. When we endorse a product, it’s backed by years of personal experience.

The Design Process

Your active participation is crucial in shaping the design of your outdoor space. We aim for a harmonious blend of our expertise and your vision, ensuring the final product resonates with your aesthetic and functional needs.

Consultation Dynamics

Both homeowners should be present during the consultation. Over the years, we’ve found that collective decision-making streamlines the process, eliminating potential discrepancies during the installation phase.

Our Approach to Design

Every space has unique challenges and potential. Our design process involves multiple iterations, ensuring every element, from grills to fireplaces, enhances your outdoor living experience. Weather patterns, aesthetic compatibility, and functionality guide our design recommendations.

Pricing Transparency

Our goal is to provide clear pricing from the get-go. During our consultation, we’ll present a design and its associated cost. This transparency enables productive discussions about budget and design adjustments if needed.

Financing Options

Various financing solutions are available, ranging from short-term loans to refinancing options, through trusted national brokers and established banks.

Installation Excellence

We’ve developed superior installation techniques that surpass manufacturers’ recommendations. This approach ensures long-lasting results and aesthetic brilliance.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Our warranties stand out in the industry, offering extended coverage on workmanship, labor, and incidental mishaps, alongside the standard materials warranty.

Service Commitment

We prioritize post-installation service, never charging for service calls, even if out of warranty. This commitment distinguishes us from others in the field.

HOA and Permitting

We provide comprehensive HOA submission materials and guarantee approval. Additionally, we manage all necessary county permits and inspections on your behalf.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re committed to a greener future and adhere to responsible waste management and recycling practices.

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