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What To Consider When Hiring A New Deck Contractor

As a business owner based in Leesburg VA, my primary goal is to deliver outstanding work when constructing your new Deck, Patio, and Outdoor Oasis. Loudoun County Contractors’ approach to deck construction and our high-quality results, coupled with competitive pricing, position us as the go-to business for your deck and patio needs. We have garnered numerous Verified Reviews, attesting to our expertise in project execution within Loudoun County, VA, and Fairfax County, VA.

From constructing new decks and patios to complement your outdoor space to adding screened rooms, outdoor kitchens, and other enhancements, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for deck refurbishment, we can also replace boards on your existing deck. At Loudoun County Contractors, we pride ourselves on being local deck specialists based in Leesburg, VA, and serving the broader Loudoun County, VA area.

We Can Build You A New Deck Or Patio

A Deck and Patio project is a significant enhancement that adds both value and livability to your home, offering a cost-effective transformation. At Loudoun County Contractors, you have a range of material options at your disposal, such as Wood Deck, Composite Deck, or even a Stone deck. Whether you’re envisioning a straightforward platform or a multi-tiered extravaganza, we’re equipped to cater to every design and construction requirement.

With over 60 years of combined experience in Deck Building and Patios across Loudoun County and Fairfax County, our professional team ensures timely and high-quality execution for all projects. We don’t just pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship, but we also back our services, especially our Trex Decking, with solid warranties for long-term peace of mind. Our holistic approach sets us apart; when designing a new deck, we integrate patio considerations right from the outset. This comprehensive planning includes critical aspects like drainage and cost-related concerns, providing you with insights that standalone Deck or Patio contractors might overlook.

At Loudoun County Contractors, our reputation is paramount. We commit to delivering projects that not only delight your family but also reinforce our esteemed standing in the industry. So if you’re exploring Deck Companies, reach out for a complimentary Deck and Patio consultation. Let us help tailor the perfect outdoor space that aligns with your aspirations and budget.

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We Build Landing And Steps For Decks

Deck steps and landings play a pivotal role in your Deck and Patio Project. Loudoun County Contractors is proficient in crafting any form of Deck steps or landing zones tailored for you. Boasting an extensive history in the construction services domain, we are adept at shaping a Deck and Steps in a myriad of configurations. A meticulously assembled Deck and Patio stands as a commendable strategy to bolster the valuation of your residence. Such additions not only embellish the aesthetics of your dwelling but also amplify the functionality and versatility of your external zones. We advocate for the integration of low voltage Outdoor lighting on the steps and the crown of the railings. Such enhancements serve as a prudent choice for both safety and finesse when constructing steps and platforms. For all your Deck and Patio requisites, feel free to contact the local business in Leesburg VA, Loudoun County at 703-656-9603.

Get The Options You Want in Your New Deck

Deck steps and landings are essential components of your Deck and Patio Project. At Loudoun County Contractors, we excel in designing and crafting deck steps or landing areas to fit your unique needs. With a rich history in the construction services industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a variety of Deck and Steps configurations tailored to your desires. An expertly crafted Deck and Patio serve as a strategic addition, enhancing the value of your home. Such extensions not only elevate the visual appeal of your property but also enhance the practicality and utility of your outdoor spaces. We highly recommend incorporating low-voltage Outdoor lighting on the steps and atop the railings. This feature ensures both safety and aesthetic appeal, especially when illuminating steps and platforms. For all your Deck and Patio needs, reach out to Loudoun County Contractors, your trusted local business in Leesburg VA, Loudoun County. Call us today at 703-656-9603.

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Forget other deck builders in Leesburg, VA, Loudoun County! Rely on Loudoun County Contractors, known for its award-winning services, for the installation of Trex Composite Decks and Patios. Learn more and schedule an appointment with our professional contractors by calling 703-656-9603.

When it comes to Deck Repair, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing Deck, or construct a new Deck or Patio, we have the expertise and experience. We specialize in Deck and Patio Construction, serving residents of Leesburg VA and throughout Northern Virginia with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Having been in the business for years, Loudoun County Contractors has consistently delivered top-notch Trex Decks to various counties including Loudoun County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Arlington County, VA, and Prince William County, VA.

With a track record of installing over 6000 Deck and Patio Projects, we are confident in taking on any Trex Deck project, regardless of its complexity. Our diverse portfolio ranges from intricate designs to classic Wood Decks. With a myriad of options available for Decks or Patios, our design consultants are dedicated to crafting a design that resonates with you. Our team is equipped to transform even the most unique designs into reality, ensuring the involvement of only the most seasoned carpenters. Moreover, we handle all building permits and inspections, allowing you to simply enjoy the transformation process.

It’s crucial to note Rule 7: never pull your own permit. Doing so will make you liable for the final inspection.