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Forget other deck builders in Leesburg, VA, Loudoun County! Rely on Loudoun County Contractors, known for its award-winning services, for the installation of Trex Composite Decks and Patios. Learn more and schedule an appointment with our professional contractors by calling 703-656-9603.

When it comes to Deck Repair, Loudoun County Contractors stands out as a leading expert. Whether you aim to expand your current Deck or are keen on constructing a new Deck or Patio, our skilled team is up for the task. Specializing in Deck and Patio Construction, we are dedicated to serving residents of Leesburg VA and the broader Northern Virginia region with unmatched quality.

Loudoun County Contractors, with its rich history, has been a reliable source for top-of-the-line Trex Decks in various counties, including Loudoun County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Arlington County, VA, and Prince William County, VA.

Having successfully completed over 6000 Deck and Patio Projects, our confidence is unwavering when it comes to any Trex Deck assignment, irrespective of its intricacies. Our vast array of projects spans from complex designs to the more traditional Wood Decks. Presented with a plethora of choices for Decks or Patios, our design consultants are poised to create a design tailored to your preferences. Our competent team, comprising only the most seasoned carpenters, can seamlessly bring even the most unique designs to fruition. What’s more, we take care of all the administrative tasks like building permits and inspections, letting you revel in the transformation journey.

A crucial piece of advice – Rule 7: always entrust the responsibility of securing permits to professionals. Taking this on yourself would mean bearing responsibility for the final inspection.

Our Process For Building a Composite Deck in Loudoun County

Before starting the construction of your new deck, there are a few preparatory steps we need to undertake. As seasoned experts at Loudoun County Contractors, we’re well-aware of the permit requirements for constructing your envisioned deck. It’s essential that your new outdoor extension adheres to all prevailing building codes.

It’s crucial to steer clear of unlicensed deck builders, as they lack the authorization to acquire permits. Only adept firms like Loudoun County Contractors are equipped to secure the necessary permits. Throughout the project’s duration, building inspectors will coordinate with our team to scrutinize every facet of your deck. They’ll meticulously evaluate various aspects, including property setbacks, footings & posts, ledger attachment, railing, stairs, joist, and beams.

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Forget other masonry contractors’ websites in Leesburg, VA! Rely on Loudoun County Contractors for award-winning service in the installation of Trex composite decks. Learn more or schedule an appointment with our professional contractors by calling 703-656-9603.

Having been in the industry since 2005, Loudoun County Contractors has a rich history of building Trex Decks, serving counties like Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, and Prince William County.

With a legacy of installing over 6000 projects, we are confident in handling any Trex Deck project you envision. Our portfolio spans from intricate designs to classic wood decks. We provide a plethora of options to pick from. Collaborating closely with our design consultants, we ensure that you get a design that resonates with your vision. Our adept team is prepared to bring even the most distinctive designs to life, leveraging the expertise of seasoned carpenters. Moreover, we handle all the hassles of building permits and inspections, allowing you the luxury to simply observe and enjoy the transformation!

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