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Brick or Stone Veneer

American Exteriors & Masonry is the only name you need to know when it comes to custom brick or stone veneer installation.  Since 2005, we have been providing Northern Virginia residents with solutions to all their brick or stone veneer needs.  American Exteriors & Masonry is a contracting company that specializes in custom brick or stone veneer.  We have highly experienced design consultants and installers ready to complete your project!


Brick or Stone Veneer to our environment in beautiful colors that spring from nature itself: earthy browns; sunny and playful tans; whites muted as a shoreline or brilliantly crisp like a frosted wintry morning; reds rich, fiery and flashy; and the romance of delicately blushed roses and petal pinks. The true art of fine brick-making is visible in the many textures and surface treatments that further define brick’s signature look.

No other building material offers so many elegant ways to create detailing and unique architectural effects. In walls, windows, entryways and landscaping — from vaulting arches to rising columns, subtle sills to expressive corner projections, sculpted chimneys to decorative bond patterns accentuating facades and pathways — at very first glance, nothing leaves a more memorable impression than a brick home.

Brick gives us everything that we desire in a home — comfort, enduring beauty, style, craftsmanship and peace of mind. More importantly, brick delivers all that we need in a home — permanence, stability, security, design integrity and long-term value. Throughout history brick has been chosen by those who want a home with character and a home that contributes increasingly to their investment.


When it comes to beauty, strength and longevity, no other building material offers the exceptional visual appeal and versatility of stone. Natural Stone maintains its beauty regardless of weather conditions and is extremely durable. Natural Stone products are available in either full veneer or thin veneer thickness. We also offer an array of manufactured stones that replicate natural stone. Even on close examination, these manufactured stones look and feel like the originals.

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American Exterior & Masonry has courteous and knowledgeable design consultants will assist you in selecting the ideal visual distinction to your project. Our installation department provides free estimates for any of your projects. All of our work is insured and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. At American Exteriors & Masonry,  no project is too large or too small. Our Passion at American Exteriors & Masonry is to create a stress free experience for our customers. This is why we only use the Best Materials and State-of-the-Art Design Services. Our Reputation for Quality is known throughout Northern Virginia. Just check our Online Reviews! Smooth sailing from initial consultation to project completion. We are in the top 2% of contractors who have a Class A Builders License in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With over 6,000 projects completed since 2005, our Installation Teams are comprised of only the most Experienced, Trained, and Professional Craftsmen. We have also built lifelong relationships with most of our customers.