Fire pits

How We build A fire Pit In Northern Virginia

Louden County contractors builds Unique fire pits for your upcoming patio project. It’s important to understand the methodology we utilize in building our Fire pit projects. If you want to include a fire pit in your upcoming patio project there needs to be some sort of drainage so that your fire pit during rain, does not overflow on your patio. In all of our fire pit project will utilize fire brick to Line the interior of the fire pit.

Typically, our designers will put together the plans for your fire pit on your new patio. All of our Fire pit projects include fire brick as a liner to protect your exterior stonework. What is fire brick, is a brick they can stand up to the heat created by a fire pit.

Fire pit Contractors  Northern Virginia is American Exteriors & Masonry. We have many many years of experience in building fire pits. We typically start out by building the circular or square shape of your fire pit design with cinder block. Then the exterior surfaces can be veneered with thin stone, or brick. The top of the fire pit can be Thermal cut flagstone or brick.