Brick Patios and Walkways Loudoun County

Loudoun County Contractors is acknowledged as the leading brick patios and walkways paving enterprise in the Northern Virginia region. Since 2005, we’ve been sculpting elegant walkways for both our residential and commercial clientele in Northern Virginia.

We take pride in our expertise in all facets of brick and stone walkway construction. Among the materials we trust, Pine Hall Bricks stand out, widely recognized for their exceptional durability and quality within the paving industry. With confidence in our work, we offer a five-year guarantee, assuring that every brick and stone walkway we construct will outlast those of our competition.

This extraordinary guarantee is feasible due to our commitment to employing only the crème de la crème of tradesmen in the sector. Furthermore, all employees under the Loudoun County Contractors banner are comprehensively insured and are covered by Workers Comp. As you ponder your next project, we encourage you to consider our unparalleled reputation and steadfast product guarantee.

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Brick Patio Designs and Layouts

Every patio project inaugurates with the conception of a meticulous design and layout. Essential elements to be sketched out in these designs include the exact location of the project, the materials to be used, any permit necessities, and drainage considerations. Moreover, patios can be augmented with a plethora of features: from outdoor cooking nooks and fireplaces to firepits, water attractions, and seating or retaining walls.

A comprehensive and professionally crafted design is pivotal. Not only does it serve as the blueprint for the project, but it also enables contractors to precisely gauge the materials, labor, and consequently, the entire expenditure of the patio. At Loudoun County Contractors, we value transparency and clarity; thus, we proffer complimentary design consultations for every endeavor we undertake.

Ensuring Precision in Your Patio’s Location with Loudoun County Contractors

When sculpting the design for your patio, pinpointing its precise location is paramount. An indispensable tool in this process is the property’s plat. This document illuminates property boundaries and any relevant easements that might influence the project’s location.

Throughout our tenure, we’ve witnessed numerous projects executed by other entities that unfortunately had to be torn down due to oversight regarding easements and property lines. At Loudoun County Contractors, we emphasize the importance of diligence and accuracy. Our commitment is to ensure every construct of ours adheres strictly to all zoning setbacks and easements, eliminating any future complications.

Selecting the Right Materials with Loudoun County Contractors

At Loudoun County Contractors, we understand the significance of details in a design, especially when it comes to materials. For a brick patio project, pinpointing the exact bricks for installation is crucial. Many times, our clients wish to harmonize their new additions with existing masonry on their homes. Such requirements often lead us to visit local brickyards, ensuring a perfect match in aesthetics.

But our attention to detail doesn’t stop at bricks. We also delve into the nuances of grout, selecting or matching its color and defining its finer attributes. With us, every facet of your patio project gets the attention it deserves.

Accentuate Your Brick Patio with Unique Patterns

At Loudoun County Contractors, we believe in elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property. One way to achieve this is by introducing intricate brick patterns that harmonize with the architectural nuances of your home. Brick patios come to life with paving patterns, each having its own unique charm.

From classic designs like the basket weave and running bond to the intricate flemish bond and herringbone, we have a plethora of options to offer. When these patterns are seamlessly integrated into transitions or steps on your patio, the result is an enhanced visual impact that complements the overall appearance of your property.

Brick Patios: Concrete Base vs. Polymeric Sand

At Loudoun County Contractors, we understand that the foundation of a patio determines its longevity and finish. There are different methods for setting brick patios, and the choice largely depends on the project requirements and the desired outcome.

While some patios can be set using polymeric sand, a majority of the patios we craft are rooted on a concrete base and secured with mortar. This method not only guarantees a robust and long-lasting finish but has also proven its worth over time. Often, properties come with an existing concrete pad patio. This serves as a great foundational base, and if needed, additional concrete can be poured to modify the patio’s dimensions. The ease and durability of this method make it a favored choice for many of our brick patio installations.

Polymeric Sand: A Versatile Option for Patios

Loudoun County Contractors also offers patio installations using polymeric sand. When the groundwork is diligently prepared, these installations can indeed stand the test of time. The unique property of polymeric sand is its ability to solidify upon contact with water. This not only provides a stable bond but also imparts a certain flexibility to the joints between bricks, making it a suitable option for many patio designs.

Understanding Permit Requirements for Patios

While patios typically don’t require permits, certain conditions might necessitate one. At Loudoun County Contractors, we are well-versed with the building regulations of both Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, ensuring all projects adhere to local authority guidelines. For those in Loudoun County, we extend our services to cities including Aldie, Ashburn, Chantilly, Dulles, Hamilton, Leesburg, Lincoln, and Lovettsville. Likewise, residents of Fairfax County can rely on us in Alexandria, Annandale, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Dunn Loring, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Falls Church, Fort Belvoir, Great Falls, Herndon, Lorton, Mc Lean, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, Vienna, and West Mclean.

Permit Requirements for Brick Patios

While many brick patios might not require permits, certain situations and features necessitate compliance with local regulations. At Loudoun County Contractors, we emphasize the importance of understanding and adhering to these conditions. Permits might be essential for:

  • Elevated patios over 3 feet
  • Steps or stairs
  • Land disturbances exceeding 5,000 sq. feet
  • Properties with Septic or Well systems
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Gas lines meant for outdoor cooking stations
  • Electrical installations for new outlets or fixtures
  • Pools

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